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Providing a site that is accessible to all visitors is important to us at Studio Z Recording and our website design has many accessibility features built in. This goes beyond Section 508 compliance to features which make the site easier to use by all visitors.

Aids to visually impaired visitors:

Variable Font Sizes

Visually impaired visitors may adjust the font size of all pages using the Text Size adjustment provided in their browser. As the site uses text instead of graphics for all navigation, the tabs and other navigation elements adjust. In Microsoft's Internet Explorer this is done via the View menu then the Text Size menu selection.

Color Selection

The use of colors is important in website design to convey status, grouping amoung other information. At Studio Z Recording we select colors carefully to function equally well for color blind and sight impaired visitors.

Alternate Text

Our site graphics all contain relevant text in the form of Alt or Title elements so this information would be available to browsers that do not display graphics such as text readers for the visually impaired.

Text Only Compatible

The Studio Z Recording site is viewable with text only browsers such as Lynx.

Aids to physically impaired visitors:

Tab Key Access

site visitors can navigate without a mouse using the Tab key to step through the navigation and links. To show the currently selected tab location all navigation elements change color when selected. Once tabbed to, pressing enter will activate the selection.

Alt Key Access

Using the Alt Key and a letter key the visitor can quickly select nearly all navigation links. Navigation elements which support the Alt Key access are marked with an underlined character to indicate the key activates this feature. With most browsers, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the enter key is not required to activate the selection.

Text Entry Boxes Mouse Selected

To decrease the required keystrokes and provide a more intuitive interface text entry boxes will come into focus and allow text entry simply by placing the mouse over the box. This avoids the need to click enter.

Aids to all visitors:

Status Line Messages

We use the status line to provide additional information or instructions to the visitor including details of what information to enter or the action taken if selected.

Site Search

Our site includes a site search feature to quickly locate pages based upon a word search.

Mouseover Highlights and Pop Ups

When supported by the visitor's browser, additional information and promts will appear in Pop Ups when the mouse is over the navigation element.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Though most users use Microsoft's Internet Explorer there are numerous others and the Studio Z Recording site is generally compatible with them.Where features have reduced or no fuctionality the site is designed to degrade gracefully and at no point grossly impair the visitors ability to use the site.


Small features matter too and the Studio Z Recording site supports the Favorite Icon feature of many browsers. The places a site specific small icon in the URL bar area and/or favorites section of the browser.

Browser Title

As the visitor moves from page to page the title bar of the browser is changed to reflect the location. Additionally in most browsers the tray icon will change as well.

Fluid Layout

The visitor's screen size varies from as small as 640 by 480 pixels to huge landscapes. Designing to a fixed size means it will be right for only one size and not for all sizes. The Studio Z Recording site adjusts page sizes in a fluid manner which automatically adjusts for any screen size.

Loading Speed

Connection speeds affect the download time of pages and we design pages to load quickly through the minimal use of graphics and with the careful adjustment of graphical elements.


The Studio Z Recording site is capable of supporting many languages with both navigation and contect changing as needed. This feature uses a visitor selection via links on the site as well as their web browser language selections. When multiple page translations are available the most appropriate match to the visitor's selection is shown.

Printer Friendly Pages

When you print a page from Studio Z Recording it is automatically optimized for your printer. Features such as navigation, search, language selection and login are removed and the page width adjusted to fit your printer.

Location Information

Our pages contain a navigation aid that is commonly refered to as "Breadcrumbs" which clearly show where you are in the website.

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