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At Studio Z Recording we take great pride in the technology available for our clients. With nearly thirty years in business, we have had the opportunity to aquire a vast array of equipment from some great classic microphones to the latest in Pro-Tools processing plug-ins.
Control Room A
 In Control Room A we have combined great analog technology of a Trident TSM desk with the latest in digital editing. Whatever the project, this room is built to handle it.
 Akai DigitalDD-1000Magneto Optical Disk Recorder
 PanasonicSV-3800Digital Audio Tape Recorder (DAT)
 TascamCD-450Compact Disc Player
 TechnicsRS-TR575Cassette Recorder/Player
 Lexicon300Digital Effects Processor
 AlesisQuadraverbDigital Effects Processor
 Symetrix601Digital Voice Processor
 LexiconLXP-1Reverb Processor
 LexiconLXP-5Digital Effects Processor
 DeltalabADM2048Super TimeLine Digital Delay
 Valley PeopleMaxi-QEqualizer
 Valley PeopleKepex IILimiter/Compressor
 Valley PeopleGainBrain IICompressor
 Urei Universal AudioLA-3ACompressor
 Valley International610Compressor/Expander
 TascamDA-88Digital Audio Tape Recorder/Player
 t.c.electronicFinalizerMastering Digital Effects Processor
 AphexAural ExciterAudio Effects Processor
 Valley PeopleDyna-Mite2ch compressor
 Altec436CCompressor Amplifier
 AlesisADAT XTADAT Recorder/Player
 YamahaSPX-90Digital Effects Processor
 AphexDominator IIMultiband Peak Limiter
 GentinerSPH-4Telephone Interface
 StewartDBElectronic Direct Box
 OtariMTR-10CQuarter Inch tape recorder/player w/ Otari CB-109 Auto-Locator
 TannoyLGMLittle Gold Monitor Speakers
 KRK6000Passive Monitor 6" woofer with tweeter
 APILunchbox 500 b-4w/ 2 ,512b mic preamps and 2 ,550b EQ modules
 TridentTSMmixing board 40trk
 TelosZephyrISDN Digital Network Audio Transceiver (EDNet)

Control Room B
 The intimate atmosphere of Control Room B is favorite amoung clients. The same Pro-Tools digital editing is here along with classic analog centered around a Mackie 8 bus desk.
 Mackie32x8Analog 8 bus mixing board
 TannoyNear Field Monitorsdirect monitors
 GentinerSPH-4Telephone Interface
 TascamCD-450CD Player
 PanasonicSV-3900Digital Audio Tape Recorder
 AlesisQuadraverbDigital Effects Processor
 YamahaRev-7Digital Reverberator

 Our studios are equipped with all the accessories and essentials you expect in a quality studio.
 ManhasettMusic StandsMusic stands
 AtlasSound Mic Boom StandsMicrophone stands
 AtlasSound Boom StandMicrophone stands
 CustomGobosThese custom gobos allow the studio to be configured for any project.
 CustomHeadphone MonitorsA favorite amoung voice talent and bands, our custom headphone controls are quite flexible.

 The microphone collection at Studio Z Recording is simply fantastic. With the proper selection the true nuances of voices and instruments are accurately reproduced.
 TelefunkenELAM 251Microphone
 CountrymanType 85 FETDirect Box
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